Complaining about dhokla and halwa

A letter to Virgin Atlantic CEO Richard Branson, billed as "the world's funniest complaint letter", is making the rounds lately. The letter (it's more than a year old) is quite funny but the complaints are that of someone who doesn't know his food.

He complains about a sponge-like thing served with a green sauce on top and says that an odor of curry is emanating from it. Sounds like he got served dhokla and although it's too mildly spiced for my taste, it would definitely beat other airlines' standard fare of penne-pasta any day.

The second thing he complains about is the dessert: "what animal would serve a dessert with peas in?" Well, those are not peas. Those are pistachios. He got served a halwa with pistachios and he complains?

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  1. When we were in Israel last Spring, we got the Palestinian version of halwa. I never knew what it was called until now, but it was marvelous!

    Even though I'm a hick from SE Oklahoma, I've never understood the aversion that many people have for the food of the locale which they are visiting. When I had the chance to have 'real Chinese food', I didn't whine about not having a fork and I certainly didn't ask for chicken fried steak.