Fox News will harp on about mail-order inner city black brides

I've read three stories recently. It would be quite ironic and funny if their effects combine in the way I envision.

Because America jails so many of its black men, the marriage market is heavily skewed against black women:
“I thought I was a catch,” sighs an attractive black female doctor at a hospital in Washington, DC. Black men with good jobs know they are “a hot commodity”, she observes. When there are six women chasing one man, “It’s like, what are you going to do extra, to get his attention?” Some women offer sex on the first date, she says, which makes life harder for those who prefer to combine romance with commitment.
With widespread prenatal gender testing and the abortion of female fetuses, the marriage market in rural North India is now heavily skewed against men. Poor rural Indian men are resorting to marrying illegal immigrants from Bangladesh:
By the age of 30, says Mr Singh, he had given up hope of finding a girl from his own village, Nandgaon, or from his state. His wife, Sona Khatum, comes from an impoverished family in one of India’s poorest states, though village rumour mutters that she may be an illegal migrant from Bangladesh. Mr Singh paid handsomely.
The fact that so many Russian children are in orphanages causes deep shame in Russia, especially by people who remember the Soviet glory days, and makes its media sensationalize of the abuse of Russian children who are adopted by foreigners.
Foreign adoptions have long touched a sensitive nerve here. Russians often find it hard to accept that their country, which they consider a resurgent world power, cannot take care of its own children and has to give them up to outsiders.
What's the scenario where all this could combine? Look forward a few years. The gender ratios in inner city America and rural India get even worse. Poor Indians start looking for mail-order brides from among black American women. And this causes deep shame in the USA, leading Fox News to constantly harp on stories of abused black women.

Hey, could happen. You heard it here first.

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