Scenario analysis meets a one-track mind

You can't make this stuff up.

NOAA, trying to be all hip and business-y, decides to carry out a scenario-analysis of what climate change will mean to NOAA's mission. Their three scenarios? (1) Too little too late: people do energy conservation and switch to alternate energy, but not enough to shift the curve (2) Green chaos: magically, engineering and behavioral innovations manage to mitigate climate change and (3) Carbon junkies: The public and industry carry on business as usual, so the world goes on getting warmer and America's coasts and South become uninhabitable. Again, these are three different scenarios, not predictions.

A Slate journalist gets hold of this document and what does he see? How the scenario no. 3 will affect the electoral map. Seriously, the only outcome he focuses on is that there will be movement from the Republican South and Democratic coasts to the Blue Dog plains. He sees a sober document considering what an organization can do as the nation's way of life is severely impacted and all that he can think about is ... electoral politics.

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