Chennai from the air

Most international flights from Chennai (Madras) leave after midnight so this trip (with all the within-India hopping that I'm doing) was the first time that I got to see the city from the air.
Marina beach looks clean, wide and gorgeous. That blue-striped building in the foreground is a metro station. There must be a new metro line that runs alongside the beach (the metro line didn't serve the beach when I was in college). The cluster of dots near the ocean are fishermens' boats -- the boats provide one of the few places to snatch a bit of privacy in a crowded city and were (still are?) a primary hangout place for young couples with no money.
The IIT Madras campus is still an oasis of green in the middle of city, although it seems more built-up than what I remember:
The bridge over the Adyar (river) is picturesque with lots of greenery still preserved -- that must be an awful lot of real estate bribes that some unheralded bureaucrat turned down:

Madras is so pretty that I might want to live here!
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  1. Madras really does look pretty from the skies. The first time I landed in daylight I was so thrilled at spotting Kabali Kovil and the Marina. I have to remember to look for other landmarks next time.

  2. chennai cosmopoliton city is a nice place to live in india except for it"s climate. low crime rate has enabled ladies to feel safe in chennai.all social groups are accepted in the city. i love chennai!!

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