Don't they have weather radars at Heathrow?

8 hops to go from Norman to my parents': Home - OKC - DFW - BOS - LHR - BOM - MAA - IXM - Home.  It could be worse of course.   I remember talking to an Indian American when I was in graduate school; he'd never been to India and when I asked him why, he got really miffed and proceeded to fill me in on the economics of running a gas station.  His parents simply could not afford it.  Besides two of those stops were not strictly necessary.

But all those stops got me to experience air traffic control in England and in India.  London and Bombay both had rains and in both places, there was a general halt to takeoffs and landings. Here's the thing though: looking for storms out the window of my stranded airplane, I could see none.  Just general rain; the kind of rain that no self-respecting US airport would be closed over.  Sure enough, when we finally did take off, there was not even minor turbulence.

The thresholds to close down an airport for weather-related reasons must be much lower in London and in Bombay.  Either that, or they don't have terminal weather radar.

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