Just in case you need to write a scientific article in Greek

From the department of answers-to-questions-you-never-thought-to-ask, via Thomas:

I use LaTeX and BibTeX to write conference and journal articles. It's easy to just throw all the text and images and have a computer program take care of all the typesetting and formatting involved. One of the nice things is that I can write:
\frac{1 - e^{-\gamma.f(x)}}{1 - e^{-\gamma}}

and the computer takes care of typesetting it to
Pointing and clicking one's way through a GUI would be quite painful. The software package "knows" about different citation formats and journal layout policies and takes care of all that drudgery as well.

But now, the question that you never thought to ask: How do I use LaTeX if I need to write the article in Greek?

Answer here.

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