Pregnant or not?

You know the embarrassing situation where you're talking to a young lady who seems pregnant? You're afraid to congratulate her for fear that she has simply put on a little weight ... and yet, you can't just avoid talking about the looming big event in her life.

Well, I encountered the counterpart of that situation this week.  The wife mentioned a few weeks ago that a couple we know were expecting their child.  Yesterday, I happened to see the mother.  I was about to greet her, except she looked decidedly un-pregnant.

What would you do in that situation? Did you really listen to your wife? Was this the person who was supposed to be pregnant? Was the baby born already, or was the baby due 7 months from now? Me, I simply hurried out hoping that she hadn't seen me.

Talking to a mutual friend yesterday, it was confirmed that the baby had indeed arrived a couple months prematurely.


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