Pronouncing Dylan

I recently saw friends of ours who'd just had their baby. "How's Dylan?", I asked the proud papa.

He started to guffaw at my question. Turns out that I'd mispronounced the name. Apparently, the baby shares the name with some very famous fellow named "Bob Dylan" (don't start: I don't keep up with all the singer celebrities) and so I should have known how to pronounce the name.

Google to the rescue. Plug in "pronounce dylan" and the first site that comes up carries a rather plaintive question:

Also, How in the world does one pronounce Dylan?

The next post in the thread (this was in a newsgroup, precursor to blogs) carries the answer:


But shouldn't there be two ells then? But then, the post is on a programming newsgroup. Maybe it's a techie thing to have doubts on how to pronounce the name -- we are, perhaps, too pedantic.

Anyway, I located the Wikipedia entry for Bob Dylan and added the pronunciation. Maybe I should do the same thing for Dylan Thomas (who I'd always thought was pronounced Die-lan Thomas) but I'm not sure if the Dill-an pronunciation is something that this Bob Dylan character originated when he changed his name from Zimmerman.

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