Wish I had written that

I was feeling a bit bored and not quite ready to get back to work, so I started to read a few of my web log entries from a decade ago.

There were a few reviews: of a museum exhibit (the horse is still on campus, and no less of an eyesore) and of a book that bored me with its triviality -- it was so boring that I felt the need to review it twice.

I was already trying to relive my college days through bridge (sound familiar)?  And wistfully recalling childhood in Africa.

Also: telling people not to use "karma" when they really mean "kismet".

All in all, nothing that makes me cringe. But one thing I did notice was that I'd named my columns with no concern for Google. Thus, my entry on karma and kismet is entitled " karm.html" whereas any moron nowadays knows you've got to title it karma_kismet.html so that Google's algorithm ranks it higher.


  1. I have had similar pleasant memories of my childhood (not in Liberia) but in a different African country. How did I know the African country you are referring to is Liberia? Any guesses.

  2. Since I mentioned the harmattan wind and swimming in the sea in the linked article, that limits it to countries on the West African coastline, from Sierra Leone to Nigeria (perhaps 6-7 countries).

    But how you zeroed in on Liberia, I don't know ... but now, I am curious!

  3. I happen to be your classmate from P.S.Senior and you have mentioned the fact that you had spent a good part of your childhood in Liberia. I am leaving a trail, so let us see if you can get my name :)

  4. Girish, if you wanted to make it challenging: you shouldn't have posted with your blogger name; and definitely not have a photo of yourself on the site.

  5. I after all wanted you to guess it so left a fairly simple trail. So anyways, nice to get in touch with you after a long time. Do keep in touch.

  6. You're now added to the "Friends' Blogs" link. Send me an email sometime so that I have your email address.