Bangalore: boom town

Before this, the last time I was in Bangalore was more than 20 years ago. Bangalore used to be a sleepy cantonment town with a wonderful climate. The outsourcing, backoffice and offshoring booms brought lots of technology jobs to Bangalore and the place has just boomed. In the photo below, the trees on the right belong to the still-active army base (this is what all of Bangalore used to look like) and the housing on the left reflects what Bangalore has become.
Another thing you see in Bangalore is a lot of granite. Granite in India is not as expensive as it in the United States, but it is still quite expensive. However, companies and newly affluent Bangaloreans seem to use granite every where. Whole floors are laid in granite. To satisfy the demand, you see small storefronts with stacks of granite slabs. Cash-and-carry granite slabs.

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