Ganeshas in Trees

Remember the hullabaloo when a grilled cheese sandwich was found to look like the Virgin Mary? India is chock full of those. This is an example from our village ... an arasa ("king") tree part of whose trunk, people say, has started to resemble the elephant god Ganesha:
It's now become an impromptu temple, as can be seen by the small concrete snake at the base of the Ganesha on the tree.

And continuing my last post about the size of trees in India, that tree trunk is more than 6 feet in diameter. The tree is probably only 50 years old.

The bus in the background? It's a daily bus that goes to Bangalore. I'm taking it tomorrow, to go visit a close friend (and distant relative) from my high school days.

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  1. so who is this close friend from high school? P.S or St.Johns.