A Tomb, but not the Taj

Before the bureaucrats were the Brits and before the Brits were the Moghuls. Delhi's seen off many rulers. The Lodhi Kings ruled Delhi in the early 1500s and left behind their tomb. Their tomb melds both Hindu and Moslem influences, but the perfection of the Taj Mahal was still years away.

As with the art show I was raving about, it's interesting to see intimations of what would finally come together in a stupendous way. So, there's the dome over a square base, choreographed views through dark entryways and calligraphy-as-decoration. The garden setting of the Lodhi tomb is gorgeous, but it's no reflecting pool. And the dramatic contrast of black calligraphy over cool, white marble hadn't been thought of yet.

If you had not encountered the Taj Mahal, though, you'd be enthralled by the Lodhi tomb.

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