Snow on the ground in Syrcause, NY

A colleague in Norman has predicted snow on the ground in all 50 states. Of course, there is snow on the ground in mountain areas in many parts of the country (Mt. Kea in HI, Taos in NM, Lake Tahoe in CA, etc.), so this is really a call about the South-eastern United States, which are getting pounded by snow today.

Anyway, he was asking for pictures (send yours to and this was my entry -- it shows snow on the ground in front of the Old Armory building in downtown Syracuse.

This being Syracuse, it's also actively snowing. Just a few snow flakes though.

UPDATE: Yup, all 50 states.


  1. Hi L,

    Been reading some of your posts. Very nice writing. How are you? This is Priya from PS...remember?

  2. Of course, saw your photo on facebook too. Looks like you are back in India now and heavily involved in the school board?

  3. Yup, back in Madras four yrs ago. Not the school board, just our batchmates. Its nice to know how everyone is doing after all these yrs. Not many here though. Most seem to be in the US. Will try to connect with you on FB. Priya