The color Nook: interesting tablet, bad reader

Barnes and Noble announced a LCD tablet-reader today.  It has a 7-inch color touchscreen, WiFi, a web browser, and runs Android applications.

I own an e-ink Nook and love it, but I'm not that excited by the LCD Nook. Why?

  1.  The best thing about the Nook is that it supports e-pub, a format that my public library also supports.  So, I can "borrow" e-books from my library, read them and return them (or they expire in 3 weeks).  Pretty nice.  The LCD Nook will also do this.
  2. e-ink is very easy on the eyes. I have read for 12 hours straight (on long airline flights) and not had any problems.  LCD screens are not as pleasant to read.  Besides, the battery life is only about 8 hours.
  3. Even though the e-ink Nook has WiFi and a web browser, the touchscreen is so clunky that I've used it only a couple of times.  With a LCD reader, the web is only a touch away.  I doubt that I'd be able to read for long on a LCD Nook without being tempted to check my email, or check Facebook.
As an e-reader, the LCD Nook is lousy -- it preserves only one of the three key advantages of the e-ink version.  The one huge improvement it brings is color.  Maps, illustrations and kids' books are unworkable on e-ink. 

On the other hand, a 7" tablet for $250 is a nice proposition.  This could be an iPad replacement.  Half-the-screen-size for half-the-price.  Android vs. iOS.  As a tablet, this is interesting.

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