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The lack of internet at my hotel(*) means that I can neither play bridge nor work.  The book currently on my Nook is  a downbeat memoir by a name-dropping journalist ("Hitch 22").  The book is bad enough that I have been watching TV at night.  Some observations about the Tee Vee from one who rarely watches:

  1. When did so many desis start landing bit parts on TV shows?  And they are not all just doctors or computer nerds either.  One of them was an office drone and the other an administrative assistant with a British (!) accent.  Asif Manvi, of the Daily Show, I already knew about, of course. Jon Stewart, last night: "We're holding the rally 206 miles from Ground Zero so Asif Manvi can attend".
  2. When did all the women starting looking so ... engineered? All the actresses on all the sitcoms seem have injected their lips with collagen and Botoxed their faces ...
  3. Have commercials always been this long? I would start reading Hitch-22 when a commercial came on, and go back to watch the show when the commercials stopped.  The commercials were so long (and the shows themselves so sparse) that I finished reading Hitchens' book in three evenings of TV watching even without meaning to.

Next book on my reading list is "Curious Incident of the Dog in the night time".  Here's hoping the book is interesting enough that I won't have to watch TV tonight.

(*) Naturally, the only hotel in the financial district of Manhattan that I can afford to stay in is a bit of a dump.  Now, my tastes are quite spartan -- all I want in a hotel are: a clean bed, free internet and free breakfast.  The Best Western near the South Seaport promised the trifecta, but it turns out that the internet isn't working.  The hotel claims the internet (and half the elevators) is down because of a storm last week. 10 days to fix this? Oh, whatever.

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