Crazy candidate

How sick and crazy is the Republican candidate for Joe Biden's Senate seat? I'm not worried that Christine O'Donnell claimed to have dabbled in witchcraft.  Hillary Clinton consulted astrologers and  that didn't stop her from being an effective Senator.

What has me concerned is that O'Donnell claimed, in a 2006 primary debate with a Chinese-American, she had seen classified documents about the Chinese plan to take over America.  The family of the Chinese-American in question, Jan Ting, immigrated to the USA in the 1930s, and he is a staunch conservative (as you would expect of someone running in a Republican primary).  This is conspiracy-mongering of the highest order.

The last election (2008 -- the year of Obama), I voted for more Republicans than Democrats. Considering how unhinged the Republicans have become, though, I'm going to vote straight party-line Democrat this time.

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  1. Im sorry but youre really dumb. I found your post about disney very very annoying and ridiculus.