Muddled Middle

Thought I'd beat the lines by voting early.  The early voting line turned out to be 1.5 hours long.  And Norman being a small town, there were at least 8 other people I knew in that line.

On the national races, I voted for two Democrats (Barack Obama, Andrew Rice) and one Republican (Tom Cole).   Counting all the local races too, my votes ended up being 5-4, one more Republican than Democrat.

Of course, this being Oklahoma, my vote is pointless.  The incumbents will all win. And where there is no incumbent, the Republican will walk away with the election.


  1. No chance for Rice you think? He is winning the yard sign race in the city. Fingers crossed.

  2. T.R. ... are you reading my blog on the plane from Albania to Nicaragua?

    Yes, fingers crossed on Rice. Oklahomans should be ashamed of Inhofe. Instead, we keep voting him into office.