How I plan to vote

The League of Women Voters has a non-partisan voter's guide with candidates' answers to questions that are relevant to the office they are seeking.  For example, the presidential candidates lay out their positions on climate change, health care and China & Russia policy.  Senate candidates answer questions on energy policy and immigration.

This is how I plan to vote ... let me know if you think I'm making a terrible mistake.

President:  Barack Obama (D)  need a steady hand at the till
Senator:    Andrew Rice (D) any one but Inhofe
Congress:  Tom Cole (R) moderate Republican, leader in the House, good constituent services
Corporation Commission:  Jim Roth (D):  proponent of wind energy, which has great jobs-potential for Oklahoma and diversifies our economy
                 Jeff Cloud (R)  mainly to keep the corporation commission bipartisan
Judicial Ballot:  retain all.

State questions:
735:  No.    Don't add more Rube Goldberg contraptions to the tax code
741:  No.    Why add to the bureaucracy? If a person/business is eligible, give it to them
345:  Yes.   Such regulations are needed for effective conservation
346:  Yes.   Anything to reduce the horrendous restrictions around the sale of alcohol in Oklahoma


  1. I just voted yesterday by mail-in absentee. I wonder about the wisdom of them including my party affiliation on the prepared return envelope the election board provides. Tampering with US mail is a felony, and not likely to happen, but putting the party affiliation right on the outside doesn't seem wise.

    Only comment is the wildlife conservation item. The Transcript said it was to head off potential action of groups like PETA. So I wasn't sure that item needed to be a constitutional amendment! Otherwise, I had no issue with the general idea.

  2. Good idea ... Oklahoma allows early voting the Friday, Saturday (for state & federal offices) and Monday before the election.

    We should probably just go to 122 S Peters Ave. tomorrow and beat the lines.

    Will probably do this on the way to work tomorrow. Or ... everybody go vote downtown and then go for Happy Hour!