Indian cities and their American counterparts

I was flipping through the inflight magazine on Cathay Pacific and encountered an article on Delhi.

"Delhi," the article averred, "is fast-paced New York to Mumbai's laid-back Los Angeles."

Say what?  If I had to compare Indian and American cities, my choices would be:
  1. Delhi: bureaucratic, monument-filled, governmental.  Much more like Washington, D.C. than like New York.
  2. Mumbai (Bombay):  a cross between the neuroticness of high-finance New York and the glamorous moviedom of Los Angeles
  3. Chennai (Madras):  Cautious and conservative.   Maybe Tallahassee
  4. Bengaloru (Bangalore): High-tech, pleasant and open to outsiders.   San Francisco.
  5. Kolkata (Calcutta):  A squalid center of culture.  New Orleans.
P.S.  Cathay Pacific ...  What an evocative name!   Compare with geographically literal names like Southwest, Northwest, American or British or with the mundanely literal airline names like Jet or Lufthansa.  The name "Cathay Pacific" brings to mind a very romantic view of Hong Kong and its place in the world, a world of old trading houses and shipping lanes. 

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