The second best food ever

S1 is going to be so jealous.  When his kindergarden teacher asked the kids to write down their favorite food, he wrote down "crab".  In a sea of "pizza" and "candy", that really stood out enough that the teacher mentioned it to us at the next parent-teacher conference.

"He likes to watch me cooking crabs more than he likes to eat it," I said.  She looked at me uncomprehending (this is Oklahoma; if it doesn't have hooves, it's not edible).  "The way you cook crabs is to boil them alive," I explained.

My crab boil doesn't hold a candle to what I was served for dinner yesterday.  In fact, it was probably the best food dish I've ever had (other than a can of beets we cooked over a fire in Big Bend National Park after a long, exhausting day of hiking in chilly weather -- we were so famished that the can of beets will remain heads and shoulders over anything else).

Black pepper crab:  deep-fried crab in thick, fragrant black pepper sauce.   The unreal spicy hotness of black pepper with the soft, silken, sweetness of crab flesh ...  

I've got to go to a book store here and pick up a Singapore cookbook.  After I check prices on Amazon, of course.

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