Vote No on Prop 8!

A shout out to my California readers: Vote No on Prop 8! A stable family life should be within the reach of any couple.


  1. couple of middle aged vietnamese ladies showed up outside my house saying "please vote yes on 8"

    asked them why?

    answer : so public schools like the one your kids go to cannot legally say it is okay for a guy and guy to "marry"..

    I ask them : why bother? if your kid is gay, irrespective of what they say.. he/she is going to find a person of the same sex. If your kid is straight, they won't go looking for a person of the same sex..

    then they asked me if I go to church..

    I said "no", I go to a temple.. and they rolled their eyes.

    they have no clue that the temple going has nothing to do with letting a few gay friends having their way when it comes to calling their marriage a marriage!

    you should have seen the look on their faces.. I am worried now that they will mob my house!

    was going to email you abotu the "vote responsibly" post.. but going to make it a post on my site that email is getting longer and longer..


  2. Lak, yours is a voice of reason in a sea of insanity. I thank god (not one in particular - but all of them) that you can vote!!!