Not outraged, but saddened

This feature, about a negative ad attacking an Indian American running for Congress, was produced by a Minnesota TV station.   To some extent, every negative ad darkens the image of the opposing candidate.  And as you can imagine (given my African/Indian background), dark skin doesn't carry much of a negative connotation for me.  So I'm not sure what to make of this.

I'm not outraged by the negative ad itself -- the darkening of images does nothing for me and I can not imagine why or how it would affect other people.  But I want to see a healthy and strong Republican party, not liberal overreach.   If a local TV station is picking up on this, I would imagine that a lot of other people are picking up on it too.  Since this is being done by the national Republican party, not some rogue candidate running in Appalachia, I'm afraid that all this dirty short-sighted racism is going to permanently alienate the next generation of voters.

Not outraged by the tactic.  But saddened.

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