A Proposition

I was walking around on Orchard road, window shopping and generally minding my own business.  Orchard Road is to Singapore what 5th Avenue is to New York i.e. a high-end shopping district and tourist trap.  So, anyway, there I was on Orchard Road.

This young woman comes and taps me on the elbow.

"Hello," she says, "How are you?"

I smile and wait for her to ask me for directions.  Maybe she'd ask me for directions to the metro and I could actually tell her how to get there.

"How are you?," she asks again.

"I'm okay," I tell the polite woman, "but how can I help you?"

"My name is -- and I am from --," she tells me, "where are you from?"

"I'm a tourist too," I reply, "but maybe I can help you."

"If you want," she says lightly touching my elbow, "you and me, I can give you a massage."

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