S2's vote

Our 4-year daughter brought home a weekly reader from her pre-school.  It was on the presidential election.   What the president does ("talks to people"), where he lives ("the White House"), etc.

The final page of the reader asked the child to vote for either McCain or for Obama.  The top half of the page carried a picture of McCain talking to some children.  The bottom of the page contained a similar picture of Barack Obama. 

I saw my daughter checking a box.

"Why did you vote for him?", I asked.

"I don't want the black man," she replied.

She must have caught the look on my face.

"I like the blue one," she said in a concilatory tone,  "Tomorrow, I can choose the black man.  Okay, appa?"

A quick glance at the pictures explained what she was talking about. The picture of McCain had him wearing a black suit.  The picture of Obama had him in a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled back.

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