A familiar view unfamiliar

This is the photograph that caught my attention . It's the view from the bottom of stairs leading down to a temple pond or up to a temple. Many Indians carry food with them to temples and have a picnic lunch. The stainless steel "carrier" that the old lady is carrying probably just that. So, this is a view that I've encountered hundreds of times. Yet, it got me. I never quite "saw" it before.

Maybe it's living in super-patriotic Oklahoma. But the red-and-white stripes and their obvious parallel with the American flag were startling.

I encountered the photograph via this blog by a Mumbai art director. That's where I saw these engrossing paintings as well. The paintings borrow their sense of proportion and layout from the Tanjore style of paintings but avoid the Tanjore paintings' over-the-top gold overlays. And somehow, these paintings of ordinary country folk add dignity to the people they portray.

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  1. Lak, What an interesting thing to happen- You mayhave seen both the pics on my blog, but your take on it is new for me- for instance i didn't know people caried picnic lunches to temples- but it makes perfect sense. And it was interesting to read your views on Thota Vaikunthams work- an artist whom I have admired since when I became acquanted with Indian art. This is the beauty of blogging :) more power to us :)