An Oklahoma conversation

I walked out of the airport in Oklahoma city towards the Airport Express shuttle.

"Oh, hello," said the driver pleasantly, "you live over on 48th, don't you?". It's a sign that you are traveling a bit too often when a random Airport Express shuttle driver recognizes you and can drive you home without you having to give him directions.

"Give me a minute," he said, "the OU-Gonzaga game is gonna be ending soon." So, we sat in the airport parking lot and listened to the radio commentary. "We're up by two and have the ball," he told me by way of explanation. OU missed the shot. "Eeew," we said together and waited tensely as the commentator said that Gonzaga had rebounded and was driving up.

"They need to take a 3-point shot."

On the radio, a Gonzaga guard pulled up and made a shot ... and it was blocked and an OU player got it and threw it downcourt and now there was only 0.2 seconds left on the clock. OU won! We cheered and then he started the shuttle van and we were on our way.

"So did you have any damage because of the ice storm?," he asked me.

"No, our elms are still pretty young. They doubled down from the weight of the ice, but snapped right back up."

"Not everyone was that lucky."

"People in older neighborhoods lost a lot of trees," I agreed.

"We're having company over the holidays, so all Tuesday, I was out clearing out the fallen trees. My daughter sent my grandsons to come help."

"Good for you, to have young fellows to help you do stuff."

"My wife's parents lost power for a day, so they came and stayed with us."

"I hear that 150,000 people in rural Oklahoma still don't have power," I remarked.

"Yes, but rural folks can take care of themselves better. So, OG&E has been working on the built-up parts."

"That's true about rural folks. I have a friend in Noble who said he simply went out and cranked his generator when the power went out. I don't think I would have ever had a generator."

"Most rural folks are on propane anyway, so they have heat."

"Won't do them any good if they went hunting. All the meat's gonna spoil," I suggested.

"Yeah, never thought of that."


  1. Lak, the translation you suggested is posted under your comment.

    Now I need some advise. I am going to the source here, I think. I am jonesing for good Indian food. In your opinion, outside of your kitchen, anything decent in the metro area? This is the longest I've gone without a decent Indian meal. My survival in Oklahoma depends on finding a source. Please help the needy in this holiday season!

  2. Gopuram on Macarthur and 23rd is quite good. Like most Indian restaurants, the stuff on the buffet is made for reheating and depending on when you get to the restaurant it can range from being tolerable to being execrable. So, order from the menu -- get the South Indian "tiffins" such as masala dosa or vada -- but verify first that what you are ordering is not on the buffet!

    Thanks for the translation.

  3. Thanks! I was directed to the buffet at Gopuram and it was just ok. I thought perhaps the menu might be the way to go. I will go back and try that. Thanks!!!!