Working at home

Years ago, pre-kids, I used to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. It felt good to be doing something with my hands and the only other thing I would have done on a Saturday morning would have been to sleep in.  Whatever I know about building houses, I learned at Habitat ... which is to say ... not much.  One thing I did learn, though, was to be thankful that I did such work only half a day a week.  Five days a week, I had interesting work, done sheltered from the elements, and not involving manual labor. It's a wonderful thing.

What brought this back to mind was that we are getting wood floors installed in our home. The wife's wanted wood floors for a long time (we had wood in all our formal areas, but now we're converting all the bedrooms as well). Why? Her allergies had been getting worse year-after-year. So, as one of my friends put it, she essentially came home with a prescription for wood floors. Pity that Aetna won't cover it.

While the installers are working, the wife and I have been taking turns working at home.

"So," the foreman asked me, "do you work some days and your wife works other days?".

"No," I told him, "since we have internet access, we can pretty much work at home if we need to. I've been working from home since you guys are here. I go to the office every afternoon so that I can talk to my colleagues."

"Must be nice," he said, "I can't do that with my job."

"Not unless you want to keep installing a new wood floor in your home every week."

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