Santa among the dinosaurs

The local natural history museum ("the world's largest apatosaurus") had a Christmas party yesterday evening. Kids could have a picture taken with Santa and make paper Christmas tree ornaments. I took the kids there -- beats taking them to the mall!

The 5-year old was quite talkative all the way.

"How far is the North Pole?," he asked.

"About 5000 miles," I told him.

"How long does it take Santa to get here?"

"If he comes in a sleigh that flies through the air, he can get here really fast."

"That's a fake Santa," he said a little later, while we were in line.

"Why do you say that?"

"Santa wears white gloves, not red ones."

"Maybe he has two pairs of gloves?"

A couple of kids dressed as dinosaurs came walking by. "That's a velociraptor," he enthused. "Looks like a T. Rex to me," I suggested. "No, it's a vel-o-ci-rap-tor," he insisted.

"Can't tell him any different," smiled the guy in line behind me.

"He is wearing regular glasses. Santa doesn't wear regular glasses."


The possible fakeness of the Santa didn't stop him from asking Santa for a Transformer. The 3-year old asked for a baby doll.

Later, in the car, coming home, he wasn't willing to let the matter drop.

"It was not a real Santa," he said, "the real Santa doesn't talk, he only says 'Ho Ho Ho'.".

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