Too easy to cancel school

The ice storm we had on Monday brought down a bunch of trees and felled several power lines.  We're ok, but friends who live in leafy neighborhoods didn't fare so well.

One of my colleagues bought a car on Saturday. His new car and old car (he was planning to use it for parts) were both parked on their driveway.  A tree limb fell across the driveway, totaling the new car, but leaving the old car pretty much unaffected.  Insurance is covering it, fortunately.  Some other friends have spent the past two days clearing out all the fallen branches.   Half the traffic lights in the central (older) part of town are still out.  Our daughter's daycare lost its power and hasn't got it back yet.

The school district took this as the excuse to cancel school for three days in a row.  Monday, I worked from home, but I couldn't keep doing that. I'm currently subsetting and processing several hundred gigabytes of satellite data for a rainfall nowcast validation experiment. Such work doesn't travel very well, so Tuesday and Wednesday, the kids have come to work with me. The 5-yr old pretty much occupies himself, but the 3-yr old needs attention periodically.

"It's so easy for them to cancel to school," I commented to a colleague.

"And so hard for us to cancel work," he empathized.

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  1. I agree that Norman schools (and Oklahoma schools in general) cancel classes far too often. But, as of yesterday, much of Norman was still without power. Kind of hard to have school now days without electricity.