Asians and Hispanics?

The thing that struck me about the news this morning was the exit polls from California, that Hillary won because of Asians and Hispanics. Hispanics, ok. But Asians?

On reflection, I suppose it's not too surprising. Asians put a lock of stock in credentials and in age, so the "35-years of experience" spiel would impress. Also, in much of Asian politics, nepotism is rampant. So, voting for the wife because you liked the husband's policies would strike an Asian as being quite normal.

Meanwhile, inspirational speeches and bringing new voters to the polls would not impress an Asian one bit.

1 comment:

  1. at the end of the day, asians go for "older the wiser"!


    the funny thing is I just counter San's vote. That sucks..

    go can't really vote and feel you changed something, if all you did was zero out the vote within your own freaking family...

    now that amigo.. is something!