Yikes! Missed it!

S1 and I watched the first half of the super bowl -- it was a slow-scoring game.  The Giants were getting to the Patriots quarterback, but didn't seem to be able to score on offense. 

When the half-time show came on, I gave the kids a bath, brushed their teeth, read them a couple of books and put them to bed. By that time, it was around 8pm, and I'd forgotten there was a game on.

So, I missed the fourth quarter. Yikes.

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  1. Can't believe a football fan of your strature would miss this. This was probably one of the best superbowls I have watched in the recent past. The giants I must say got a tad lucky though i could'nt have been happier with the outcome. I'm glad the cowboys lost to the superbowl champs and not to some run of the mill team.