Breathing exercises are for chumps

The wife hated the hospital experience with our first child enough that we had S2 at home. Still, it took several hours and a midwife helped.

Reuters has a story about a woman who delivered her child two months premature while using a toilet on a moving train.  She fainted a few minutes, then woke up to find that her baby had slipped down the chute. It's shockingly unhygenic and polluting of the countryside, but Indian trains don't have septic tanks. The toilet gunk goes straight out on the tracks. So, that's where the baby was, when she got the train stopped.   Alive ... after falling from a moving train onto wooden slats in the middle of nowhere.

That baby's survival is amazing, but what impresses me nearly as much is the hardiness of its mother, to deliver a child with hardly any effort, with no epidural, no breathing coach and no midwife.

It's a different world from ours that that woman lives in.

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