The drive-by at a temple demolition

This video is via a classmate from high school.

A little background ... Shrines pop up by the roadside all over India. And every once in a while, someone who needs the land or road manages to bribe the police and the government to demolish the shrine. So, that's what the bulldozer's there for. Obviously, the priest at the shrine being demolished is literally taking it all in stride.

My first reaction was that this was #@$! unbelievable. Then, as the newcast kept repeating the image, the initial shock wore off and I started noticing all sorts of things.

First, the background music -- it's coming from the street. Wasn't added at the studio. Tea stalls in India blare out music at all hours, so this is likely by a tea stall. Interesting location for a road-side temple. Why? It's hard to describe the exact atmosphere at an Indian tea stall, but I'll try. To date, I've never seen a woman in one. Tea stalls are exclusively populated by men who stick around sipping tea and ogling passing women. Such is life in a culture that represses sex. And road-side temples? The clientèle, if I had to guess, would normally be 70% women. So, you can see why that combination is particularly interesting.

And that final interview at the end with the engineer who was run down ... Why is he describing what we all plainly saw in the video? Is that bath tile and soap in the background? Is he in his bathroom giving a TV interview? (on second thought, it may be a hospital. Indian hospitals go overboard on tile because it's easy to clean)? And could he wear a shirt please? And why is that baby crying in the background?

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