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One of the interesting things to me, when I travel, is to see how much the world defines itself by what we do.  Thus, the slightly disappointment on switching on Canadian TV and seeing that the news-cycle-of-the-day is all about some Georgia girl who fled her own wedding.  But ... that's Canada. We share thousands of miles of peaceful border.  I remember being in Stockholm and finding American sitcoms on the TV in the hotel room and talk of George Bush and Rumsfeld and torture in the hotel bar.  On sitting in a Norwich pub and being subjected to a heated discussion on why Bible-thumping maniacs were the cause of all the world's environmental problems.

This is a post on India's most popular blog:

Who would have thought that Hillary Clinton would be battling for survival when Ohio and Texas went to the polls? How on earth did Barack Obama get so far ... And then there's NAFTAgate. Obama's senior economic advisor, Austan Goolsbee, allegedly told some Canadian officials that Obama's anti-NAFTA talk was just part of his pandering to Midwestern voters, and that he didn't really believe in his own protectionist rhetoric. Obama's campaign has been unconvincing in its denials ... If Obama and Clinton keep fighting like this for another few weeks, it won't matter who McCain faces: Both Obama and Clinton will find it hard to mobilise the base, much of which opposed them bitterly while the primaries were on.

Notice how effortlessly familiar the author is with the ins and out of the Democratic primary. The primary. And the expectation that his readers are equally familiar with it all.  The surprising thing is that he is probably right.

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