The multicultural cricket field

We were at a party Friday evening. There was one other Indian there and somehow the conversation got to university clubs. He told me a story that is simply too good to not share.

A few years ago, the University (OU) demolished a rundown apartment complex and built newer condominiums. Apparently, at the back of the apartment complex was a field that graduate students from former British colonies used to play cricket in. The university cricket club appealed and OU, being a nice and multicultural campus, offered to build the students a proper cricket pitch that they could use. The students leaped at the offer and explained the dimensions of the pitch, etc. to the construction folks.

The construction folks went away and a few weeks later, invited the students over to take a look at their new pitch. It was lovely, perfect length and width. Except that it was on one corner of the field and one side of the pitch was raised a bit.

NOTE: For those of you who don't get this, this is what a cricket field looks like. The brown strip in the middle is the pitch. This is what a baseball diamond looks like -- that's what got constructed, except that the pitcher would stand the length of a cricket pitch away!

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