Documenting S1's life

We made many friends around the time S1 was born due to the wife being a member of the La Leche league. Now that the kids are growing up, that group has morphed into a 4H club (Hey, this is Oklahoma!).

This is S1 swallowing his fears and giving a short talk in public. He's been willing to go up before a group before, but only if it involved demonstrating something physical. This is the first time he's actually talked in public:This spring break, he attended a spring camp at the Little River Zoo, a small non-profit organization that takes in rescued animals -- we're big fans of the outfit, and it's one of the places that we always take visitors (besides the museums: one "natural" and the other "fine").

He's been having a lot of fun at camp. "If you'd only come 10 minutes earlier," he remonstrated with me in the car today, "you could have held a snake too."

These are his hands after his six hours as "junior zoo keeper". He claimed to have already washed them, so I can only imagine that what copious amounts of mud and dirt he'd been having a ruckus in:

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  1. A great story. I was a "junior curator" at the OKC Zoo for a few years and went to plenty of malls with the resident snake to promote the zoo and conservation. Glad to see S1 getting an early start.