Football season tickets: To buy or not to buy?

In the spirit of Darwin, my checklist of reasons to not buy football tickets:
  1. The tickets are quite expensive.  We could almost have a family vacation in Yellowstone for what two tickets cost.
  2. S1 and S2 are interested, but more for the novelty of going to the game, rather than the game itself.  They'd probably be equally delighted to go to a women's basketball game (in fact, they were).
  3. Last year, I ended up selling the tickets to two of the games because of travel.  Don't want to deal with eBay that much.
  4. A 2pm game ends up wasting an entire Saturday.
  5. This year's schedule of home games is horrible.  I hope Kansas is as good as they were last year, or the complete schedule will be a bum rap.
Arguments for buying the tickets:
  1. The kids love it. So does the wife (she won't watch a game on TV, but she loves the atmosphere in the stadium).  I get to take different friends to different games.
  2. We have good seats.
  3. The waiting list is so long (15,000?) that if I give up the season tickets, I won't be able to get tickets again till 2020.
That last point won the argument. I sent in my form for this season's football tickets today ... But a stingy part of me hopes that my forms will arrive at the box office after the deadline and I get my money (and the money for all following seasons!) back.

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