Losing the argument

The wife and S1 had gone to one of his activities. S2 (the three-year old) was in the yard, watching me mow the lawn and playing with clam shells (the remnants of a meal a couple of weeks ago: S1 decided they made nice puppets and they have been in the backyard ever since).

I finished and went around the house, to the garage, to put the lawn mower away. Then, opened the back door to let S2 into the house and found her crying her heart out.

"What happened?," I asked.

"You left me here," she sobbed.

"I put the lawn mower away and then I opened the door for you, you silly girl."

"No, you didn't.  You opened the door because I was crying."

Make that one more person I'm not going to win any arguments against.

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