What my camera phone captures about our kids

My camera phone takes pretty lousy pictures, but I've found myself treasuring the pictures from it quite a bit. The phone pictures seem to capture the essence of our kids growing up, mainly because the phone camera is always on hand.

This is S2, the three-year old, trying to use chopsticks at a dimsum restaurant:
Five years ago, there were three dim sum restaurants in Oklahoma City but we are now down to just one. Mostly due, I think, to bad management at the other two restaurants and not because of any lack of interested diners.

This is S1 showing us snakes do have legs. Apparently pythons have vestigial legs. Imagine my surprise when my six-year old suddenly flips over the tail of a 8-foot long python to show us two dark spots:
It was all I could do to pull out my phone to capture the moment.

This is S1 and S2 watching TV together (their usual routine on Saturday mornings):
Notice that he has two remotes in his hand. And S2, who'd normally fight him for everything, is happily sitting by him watching. Apparently, she's figured out that you don't separate a guy from his remote control.

All of a sudden, S2 has developed an interest in an old set of cooking toys. These were the toys that my wife's grandmother played with when she was a little girl. So, several of the things are quite obsolete:
I asked the kids to guess what each thing was used for. We had a lot of fun. They guessed that no. 3 (tied to a rope and used to haul water out of a well) was an "easter bunny's basket for easter eggs". That no. 6 (a seat) was a table. They had no clue about no. 7 (used for cutting vegetables) or no. 9 (used to carry water on the hip). The coal stove (not shown) really threw the kids for a loop.

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