Another word on Oklahoma's vote

Via Okie Funk, this is from David Walters, scandal-prone former Governor of Oklahoma and the last Democrat to lose to Jim Inhofe:
... it's not good for Oklahoma to run so counter.  One national media service recently said based on the polls, the future of the Republican Party lies with "old white people and hayseed states."  I don't believe that, but much of the nation does and we don't need to be in that category.  Another pundit said that to understand the current Republican Party one has to "understand the unique culture and politics of Appalachia."  Are you kidding me?  Hayseed states and Appalachia!  Call your local chamber and ask them if they think this is somehow good for us. 
To which the Daily Oklahoman responded:
Obama won the election handily, fairly and squarely. He won it without Oklahoma and other red states. What's the matter with that? Are voters here supposed to refrain from expressing their will because it might affect the state's national image?
Well, the problem with that, as I pointed out before, is not that McCain won in Oklahoma -- he won in Utah too -- but that he won with a greater proportion of the vote than Bush did over Kerry.   When the entire country is giving 6% more votes to the Democrats, this puts us in the company of post-Katrina Louisiana, hayseed states and Appalachia. I don't think the lack of a housing bubble or the high price of oil had anything to do with this.  Texas and New Mexico produced 6% more votes for the Democrats and the same conditions apply there as well.

Now, I'll shut up about the election.  Promise.

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