The Hinjews

One interesting side-effect of the overly-publicized terrorist attacks in Mumbai is that it has brought to the foreground cultural ties between American Jews and Indian Americans :
The affinity ... extends well beyond the shared experience of being the target of Islamist terrorism, or the resulting military and security ties between India and Israel. The softer tissue of human experience — culture, religion, values — also binds Indians and Jews ... In suburbs like Great Neck on Long Island or West Windsor, N.J., the same top-flight public schools that attracted Jews moving out of cities in the 1950s have more recently drawn Indian immigrants. "Some of us in the Indian-American community feel our Jewish-American friends set a very good example of being good citizens," Mr. Anighotri said. "Their activism, their social values, their family values, the educational values. Many of them are professionals and entrepreneurs, and that's what we see in the Indian community as well."

The article doesn't mention an inconvenient fact.  Even though Indian Americans are now at parity with American Jews as the nation's wealthiest minorities, most neo-Nazis in the US still focus on Jews.  However, a white supremacist group in New Jersey who called themselves the Dot Busters targeted South Asians in the early 1990s.  Being targeted for their affluence is part of the Indian diaspora's major nightmares. When I was growing up in Africa in the early 1980s, Idi Amin was never far away from the thoughts of Indian and Lebanese.traders.  So, that too contributes to the special affinity that Indian Americans have for Jews.

But the humor also works across the two cultures:
Hinjew leaders today conceded the merger of Hinduism and Judaism has not worked out as planned, as instead of forming a super-religion to fight off the common Islamic enemy, they have instead created a race of 900 million people who, no matter how many times they are reincarnated, can never please their mothers

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