Norman's new claim to fame

Forget being ranked sixth best small city in America.  Norman's new claim to fame :
The line to vote at the Cleveland County Election Board in Norman, Okla., was two blocks long on Friday.
It was on Friday that I voted early: my wait was an hour and a half.   Slate must have missed Sunday's paper -- the waits on Saturday were close to 3 hours.

Next election, I'm getting an absentee ballot. But ... why don't we all adopt Oregon's system of voting by mail? And while we are cleaning up the voting system, why don't we automatically register all voters who apply for a driver's license, and automatically update their voter registration when they get a license in another community or state?  My magazine subscriptions and junk mail somehow automatically find me at my new address.  Why can't my voter registration?

Rachel Maddow calls the baroque rules and waiting lines an updated form of poll tax.

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