S1's vote

S1 (the 7-year old) came back from school to report the results of his school vote.  He'd voted for Obama, but McCain won in this school: 438 to 330.  Since children pick up cues from their parents, I wouldn't be surprised if McCain's margin in Oklahoma is right around 57-43. 

"People in the red states vote for McCain because he fought for us in a war," S1 informed me, "why do people in blue states vote for Obama?".  Obviously, this is a question he needs to answer at recess tomorrow to some buddy of his.

How do you come with an explanation fit for a 7-year old? I can not mention torture, the overwhelming moral issue (for me at least) in this election.  And things like science policy, innovation, diplomacy, temperament, etc. are too complex for him.

"Obama will help poor people find jobs and be able to go to the doctor," I finally told him.

(S2, of course, voted early.  Against the black man, and for the blue man.)

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