You call this dual loyalty?

Considering that this article, or a variation of it, runs every year, I suspect that the reporter for Norman Transcript phones it in ahead of time so that they can spend more time gorging on turkey. Thanksgiving weekend rolls around, and with it, comes the perennial feature about "dual loyalties":
"My first husband, who is deceased, was a big OU fan," Parrish said. "And when we went to games, he had to come to my defense on many occasions. I continued to wear my most obnoxious orange sweater regardless of which stadium we were at."

As Wikipedia points out in in its entry on "dual loyalty" 
the accusation of "dual loyalty" is often used or co-opted by racist or xenophobicgroups within a country, regardless of the original intent of the accusation.
and goes on to point out a few instances, including the Drefyus affair in France, JFK's run for president and  the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War-II .

Do we really need such a loaded phrase to describe supporting a different college football team?

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