Winning friends and influencing foreigners

Our nation's foreign policy establishment snubbed British Prime Minister Gordon Brown with a set of DVDs that would not play in Britain.

Can they beat that performance? You betcha.

Hillary Clinton went to see the basilica in Mexico City and was shown the famous peasant cloth and its iconic image of Mary. After admiring the image, Mrs. Clinton is reported to have inquired: So who painted it? The embarrassed hosts, of course, believe that the image was not painted, but that its existence is miraculous.

Most of the "miracles" associated with it have been scientifically explained and the likely answer to her question is Marcos Cipac de Aquino. Still ... I'm quite sure that's not what our Secretary of State had in mind.

I'm now breathlessly awaiting what we do to the Canadians. Maybe jam in a 6-hour dash across the border and give them an even bigger inferiority complex? Oh, that's been done too.

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