Equatorial weather desired

"Nice day, eh, buddy?," remarked the taxi driver in Madison, Wisconsin today. Such a nice day that he was driving with his window rolled down. It is 21F and the wind is bitingly cold. But, yes, the sun was out. There's a crew watering the lake, so folks can skate tonight. This is what, in Madison, goes as a nice winter day. But it does beat ice, freezing rain and sleet, on the menu of outcomes in Norman tomorrow night.

It's times like these that I miss my childhood. Ice and sleet (like the bubonic plague) were just words in books when I was growing up in Africa, 6 degrees north of the equator. And 21F? I can not recall ever talking about the temperature.

p.s. do click the link for "6 degrees north". Google Maps now has a feature where they link photographs of the area.

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