Being carried and getting worse

I played five sessions at a bridge tournament this weekend -- the first time I've managed to play two days in a row. I've usually gotten to play no more than a session.

I was playing with a new partner and we started out great on Saturday. The very first session, we came in first overall. However, the longer we played, the worse we got -- no doubt because we were adding all sorts of subtleties and conventions that we promptly forgot to recognize -- so by the time we played in the Swiss teams today, we were simply awful. This is how we fared, session-by-session:
Saturday Open Pairs Morning. First overall. 3 points
Saturday Open Pairs Afternoon. Bottom half. 0 points
Saturday Open Pairs Evening. Fourth overall. 1 point
Sunday Swiss Teams Won 2 of 6 matches. 0.5 point

Two comments -- one by a bridge-playing friend and the other by the wife -- pretty much captured the tournament:
  1. "I'm impressed! You can even carry him." -- this to my partner after we'd won the Open Pairs event on Saturday morning (the person being "carried" is me).
  2. "Gone one whole day," marveled the wife today, "and all you got was half-a-point? Might as well have stayed home!" I'm sure my teammates would have much preferred it if I had stayed home.

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