Two for two

I was in Madison, Wisconsin and so missed the ice and snow storm in Norman. I came back to this:
In less than a month, we've had two major snow storms which is quite unusual for Oklahoma. I missed the Christmas Eve blizzard too -- we were on a family vacation in the Yucatan then. The similarities don't stop there. We returned from Mexico and got stranded in Dallas because there were no flights into Oklahoma City. The time, the airport was closed on Friday afternoon, leaving me stranded in St. Louis. Two for two then in missing the winter storm and in being stranded.

The difference, of course, is that this time it was not all of us. Just me being away from home. S2 (the five-year old) made me a card and wanted to mail it. Mom, ever practical, pointed out that I'd be home before the postman came to pick up the mail. Since this ended up not being the case, S2 had an extra day of waiting before she could show me "her surprise":
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  1. Your wonderful children see things as they are. You're privileged to have your lovely wife and your fantastic kids!! But .. I hate winter storms!!