Looking forward to "Mixed Nutz"

One of my friends emailed me this interview. She knew about it because her nephew, an animator, works in the studio. The "Mixed Nutz" idea is very intriguing. One of the reasons our children go to Sunday school at the temple (even though we're not very religious) is that they get to meet other children with similar backgrounds. The kids, I'm sure, would enjoy an animated series that explores the experience of growing up with immigrant parents.

Right now, though, a Google search for "Mixed Nutz" brings up just a Nutcracker show. A NPR story does indicate that the series has been sold to 27 PBS stations. It's too much to hope that OETA would be one of those (and in any case, we seem to have lost on-air reception of OETA a few months ago), so here's hoping that the show'll show up on iTunes or on YouTube soon!

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