Anything goes

After nearly 5 years, the wife and I went to a musical together.   One of her colleagues offered to take care of the kids today evening. So, we got a nice night out.

It was a revival of "Anything Goes", text by PG Wodehouse and lyrics by Cole Porter.  The Wodehouse talent for great one-liners was on display throughout the show. Samples:

"Billy Crocker, you led me on. You made me believe that you wanted to marry me."

"No I did not.  I treated you with respect."

"That's what I mean."

Or this:

"What chance have I got?  Hope is going to marry a rich Englishman ... some Earl or another."

"You are going to let an old tea bag get in the way of you and your girl?"

And probably the best line of all, this one spoken to a small-time gangster by his assistant.  The gangster wants to be known as a dangerous fellow ... he wants to be Public Enemy No. 1.  The assistant tells him:

"By the way the new public enemy list came out.  You got beat out by tooth decay."

P.G. Wodehouse lines, a big band jazz score, Cole Porter's rollicking songs and the University Theater's usual high quality.  It was a wonderful show.

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